Multistage State of Health Estimation of Lithium-Ion Battery With High Tolerance to Heavily Partial Charging

Published in IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, January 21, 2022

Citation: Z. Wei, H. Ruan, Y. Li, J. Li, C. Zhang, and H. He, "Multi-stage state of health estimation of lithium-ion battery with high tolerance to heavily-partial charging," IEEE Trans. Power Electron., vol. 37, no. 6, pp. 7432-7442, Jun. 2022.

State of health (SOH) is critical to the management of lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) due to its deep insight into health diagnostic and protection. However, the lack of complete charging data is common in practice, which poses a challenge for the charging-based SOH estimators. This article proposes a multistage SOH estimation method with a broad scope of applications, including the unfavorable but practical scenarios of heavily partial charging. In particular, different sets of health indicators (HIs), covering both the morphological incremental capacity features and the voltage entropy information, are extracted from the partial constant-current charging data with different initial charging voltages to characterize the aging status. Following this endeavor, artificial neural network based HI fusion is proposed to estimate the SOH of LIB precisely in real time. The proposed method is evaluated with long-term aging experiments performed on different types of LIBs. Results validate several superior merits of the proposed method, including high estimation accuracy, high tolerance to partial charging, strong robustness to cell inconsistency, and wide generality to different battery types.

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